Myrsol Plastic Shave After Shave Massage (180ml/6.0oz)

Myrsol Plastic Shave After Shave Massage (180ml/6.0oz)

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The Plastic edition of Myrsol aftershaves is just one incredible product from the Spanish manufacture's signature line of alcohol-based products that are designed to tighten and strengthen skin.

Since these aftershaves contain clean ingredients, this product works to clean skin, as a pre-shave balm as well., meaning that using these products is a refreshing delight for adding the final finishing touches.  

Myrsol's aftershaves are as exceptional as the bottle that holds them. This glass container provides a secure grip, with a vintage typography label that reflects the attention and care that Myrsol put into every product, guaranteed to be noticed by young and mature shavers alike.   

(180ml / 6oz) 

This incredible product is from Valencia, Spain.