Myrsol Lemon Aftershave (180ml/6.1oz)

Myrsol Lemon Aftershave (180ml/6.1oz)

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Myrsol offers a colourful variety of exceptional aftershaves. The intoxicating Lemon edition is a delightful tribute to vintage wet-shaving, barbershops, and apothecaries. 

All Myrsol aftershaves work as pre-shave balms as well, meaning that the alcohol based mixture works as a skin tightening and restructuring agent. 

Because the Lemon aftershave contains a delightful lemon extract, it can't help but be reminiscent of classic shaving products, putting this aftershave in a league of its own.   

(180ml / 6oz)

Another exceptional wet shaving product, manufactured in Valencia, Spain.