Floid After Shave Splash 'Vigoroso' (150ml/5oz)

Floid After Shave Splash 'Vigoroso' (150ml/5oz)

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Vigoroso means vigorous in Spanish, reflecting Floid's brand incredibly well. The Spanish manufacturers of fine men's products have been perfecting their products vigorously for the last 85 years. 

That being said, the Vigoroso aftershave is a favourite amongst wet shavers, particularly favoured for its antique menthol Barbershop smell. It leaves faces feeling tingly and refreshed for a boost and a great final touch. 

For the young man and the mature man alike, every gentleman can appreciate the unbridled charm of products from Floid's signature line, with striking vintage packaging. 

(150ml / 5oz) 

A remarkable product hailing from Barcelona, Spain.