Floid After Shave Balm (125ml/4.2oz)

Floid After Shave Balm (125ml/4.2oz)

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Floid's Aftershave Balm contains rich ingredients like tea tree oil, green tea extract, and wheat germ. This quick absorbing balm contains a cool, soothing effect, notable for its lightweight texture and soothed application process. 

Since Floid has been in business for 85 years, the Spanish company has made a name for itself in Europe for their extraordinary men's shaving products. 

Though, in North American stores, Floid's unique products are a rarity. Having these luxuries on your store shelves will set your business apart from your competitors, and is guaranteed to catch the attention of shoppers with its strikingly bright packaging.     

(125ml / 4.2oz)

This aftershave balm is an excellent product from Barcelona, Spain.